Centre Awards / End of Season Presentation

Age Group Champion

The Champion boy and girl in each age group shall be the athlete who has out-performed across five evenly-weighted event categories (sprints, middle distance, hurdles, jumps and throws) over the season.  Points for each event are calculated from the MLAC Excellence Awards Scoring Formulas.  To be eligible for this award, the athlete is required to compete in a minimum of 75% of the “point-scoring” events offered.  A trophy is presented to the Age Group Champion and Runner-Up boy and girl in each age group.


Age Group Participation / Personal Best Awards

In all “point-scoring” events offered by the Centre, athletes receive 1, 2 or 3 points per event attempted:

  • 1 point for attempting the event but not achieving a PB; or

  • 2 points for attempting the event and achieving an equal PB; or

  • 3 points for attempting the event and achieving a new PB.

The award winner shall be the boy or girl in each age group with the highest cumulative points total over the season.  An athlete who has received an Age Group Champion or Runner-Up award shall be ineligible for an Age Group Participation/PB award.


Gold and Silver Participation / Personal Best Awards

A gold award is presented to both the Senior and Junior athlete with the highest cumulative Participation/PB points total over the season across the whole Centre.  A silver award is presented to the runner-up in both the Junior and Senior category.  All athletes are eligible for these awards however, if the Gold or Silver award winner is also the relevant Age Group Participation/PB Award winner, this award shall substitute for the winning athletes’ relevant Age Group Participation/PB Award.


Tim Berriman Encouragement Award

Presented to one boy and girl in each age group who has not received an Age Group Champion or Runner-Up award, an Age-Group Participation/PB Award or a Gold or Silver Participation/PB Award.


John Lamb Trophy

A perpetual trophy donated by John Lamb for a Little Athlete who has competed at Moorabbin for a minimum of three years (thus eligible age groups are Under 9 – 16).  This Award is presented to the athlete who best exemplifies the ethos of Little Athletics. 


Centre Participation Awards

All children not receiving one of the above end-of-season awards will be individually recognised for successfully completing the summer season.


New Records

All record breakers receive a recognition certificate from the Centre acknowledging their achievement. 

Note: New field records must be re-measured by a member of the Centre Executive before they can be recognised.  Times for new track records must be checked by a member of the Centre Executive before they can be recognised.