General Information

Moorabbin Little Athletics Centre Incorporated

Moorabbin Little Athletics Centre (MLAC) provides weekly competition and a central contact for dealing with outside bodies e.g. Little Athletics Victoria, City of Kingston etc.  Each Centre is allocated a number by Little Athletics Victoria.  Our Centre Number is 68.  

Moorabbin is one of over 100 Centres across Victoria.


Little Athletics Victoria Inc

Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic) is the governing association for little athletics competition in Victoria.  LAVic sets the rules, regulations and guidelines for all athletic events and provides State Championships, sponsors, coaching clinics/camps, insurance and information on child development in sport.



There are seven (7) Regions associated with LAVic.  MLAC Centre is a member of the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR).  The Regions provides a formal meeting between other Centres to allow an interchange of ideas.



SMR conducts Regional Championships, on behalf of LAVic, in Track & Field, Relays and Cross-Country. 

LAVic conducts the State Track & Field Championships, State Multi-Event Championships, State Relay Championships and State Cross Country.  Under 9 and above are eligible to compete in these events.


Open Days

A number of Centres from all over Victoria hold Open Days, which give children from most age groups opportunities for a friendly meeting and competition.  They occur most weekends during the year from November to March.   Visit the LAVic website on here for details.



During the first half of the summer season, Centres form teams of boys and girls from Under 9 – 15 to compete against other centres. 

Children must be available for Regional, as well as State Finals, to be considered for selection.


Parents / Helpers

Little athletics cannot run without your support and assistance.  All children perform so much better with parental encouragement and support.

Anyone can help in some way, e.g., by holding a tape, raking the sand in a sandpit, putting the high jump bar back in place, retrieving the discus, recording results and many more. 

All parents are expected to take turns in helping run our weekly activities. Parents will also be rostered to assist with specific duties on a particular date throughout the season. 

Age Group Leaders are responsible for organising and encouraging parents to assist with the weekly running of events.  Many hands make light work!


MLAC's Role

Each week the Centre provides all members a weekly competition as well as regular training events.  

Weekly competitions and training events are organised by a group of parents who have been elected as the Centre Executive and General Committee.  The Centre Executive and General Committee design the program and timetable for each week.  It organises and co-ordinates the activities with the many parent helpers.

Co-ordination of Centre affairs is essential if the competition is to be efficiently and successfully operated.  A considerable amount of parental involvement is required.  The Centre needs many helpers each week to organise children to events and at events, to assist in such tasks as timekeeping, starters, recorders, measurers, fetchers and athlete general supervision.

There are over 100,000 parents around Australia involved in Little Athletics each weekend.

The Centre supplies delegates to Regional and Association meetings, which includes the Annual LAVic State Conference.


Canteen and BBQ

The Canteen and BBQ is situated near the pavilion and is open every competition evening offering a range of delicious food, drinks and snacks.

We encourage all parents and athletes to support the canteen as profits go directly to our Centre!

Advice to Parents / Coaches

  1. Do not force an unwilling child to participate in sports.

  2. Remember children are involved in organised sport for THEIR enjoyment, not yours.

  3. Encourage your child to always compete by the rules.

  4. Children should not be ridiculed or abused for making mistakes or losing a competition.An honest effort is just as important as victory.Help your child improve his/her results by concentrating on skill improvement.

  5. Remember children learn best by example. Applaud good efforts by ALL children.

  6. Do not publicly question officials’ judgement and never their honesty, they are volunteer helpers and parents just like you.Without them and without your help there would be no competition for the children.

  7. Recognise the value and importance of coaches. They have been engaged by the Centre to provide structured recreational activities for your child.

  8. Always encourage good sportsmanship.